5 Steps to joining the superyacht industry

5 Steps to joining the superyacht industry

How do I join the superyacht industry as greenie?

These are the JMS Careers Top 5 things you need to complete and understand before you consider joining the superyacht industry, no matter which country you live in.

  1. Get Qualified
  2. Create a nice CV
  3. Sign up to various crew agencies
  4. Look for day work as experience
  5. Consider crew housing – its cheaper and good for networking

Download your quick guide to joining the superyacht industry below

JMS Careers Green Yachtie Guide

To get ahead of the competition we have listed the best complimentary courses to develop your yachting career and help your CV stand out when applying for your next job.

  • Tender or Powerboat handling
  • Personal watercraft (PWC) courses
  • Helicopter training (Heli-ops)
  • Diving certificate
  • AEC (Approved Engine Course)
  • Yacht Rating Certificate (YRC)
  • Wind and kite surfing course
  • Beverage courses
  • Leadership/management courses
  • International car driving license
Meet the team – Carla Swaine

Meet the team – Carla Swaine


Carla Swaine JMS Careers

We are pleased to introduce you to our much loved Carla Swaine who has been working with JMS Careers for four years as a recruitment consultant. A real people person with an acute eye for detail!

Carla has over 20 years’ experience in luxury hospitality and yachting. From growing up on the island of Guernsey, UK and spending time on her family’s boat she moved to the UK where she trained and worked as a Beauty Therapist.

Carla then went on to work at Harvey Nichols’ flagship store in London and at Your Sanctuary 5* Day Spa in Sydney, Australia before spending 11 years with a London Yacht Brokerage firm. When she moved to Brighton and started working with an IT recruitment company, her talents were quickly spotted and she was duly head-hunted by JMS Careers.

Carla’s favourite destinations to visit are coastal areas in Italy, from the beaches in Positano to the cobbled streets of Rome.

A true people person with a very kind heart, Carla has great personal skills which in turn enables her to source and propose the exact crew that the owners and captains want. No messing just minimal fuss and expert crew placements.

We are thrilled to have Carla as part of the JMS family: a true people person and a great colleague to work with!

How do I move from a commercial background in to superyachts?

How do I move from a commercial background in to superyachts?

Q: Is it possible to start a career in the yacht industry as an officer, when job applications says you need at least two years experience?

I have OOW unlimited and have 4-5 years experience as a 1/2 officer on a offshore vessel and I am DP unlimited officer.

A: This situation is not unlike many people from the commercial sector that are looking to break into yachting and find it tougher than expected. The realism is that yachting is a different business in that it is much more of a customer service oriented role. On the larger yachts where you need the commercial ticket you will be able to go directly into an OOW / 2/3 rd officer role as they tend to be run more along the commercial structure including rotation and more defined role definition. Generally 90m + .

When you go smaller you will find your knowledge gap will widen as the roles involve more diversity and you will not only be expected to run a watch and ISM but often tender runs, water sports, paint and deck maintenance, crew welfare, client relations etc so is a big step when new.

Going in as new deck crew can be a very interesting way to learn. You will be welcomed as you will have that ticket meaning you can run a watch as well which is very useful and can often satisfy manning requirements. However although ( more fun in my opinion!) it comes with a significantly lower salary and often will not have any form of rotation.

Hopefully this helps !

Seafarer quarantine exemption

Seafarer quarantine exemption

exemption ‘certificate’ released for UK arrivals

Nautilus International and the UK Chamber of Shipping have jointly produced a special ‘guidance letter’ for seafarers arriving into the UK supporting their exemption from the requirement to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in the UK.

The letter certifies that Seaman and Masters, Maritime Pilots and Inspectors and Surveyors of ships are exempted from mandatory quarantine measures.

The exemption from the requirement to self-isolate applies regardless of whether the individual is arriving in the UK for the purposes of crew change, shore leave or returning home on leave.

It is designed to be shown to UK Border Force when a seafarer arrives in the UK and is based on guidance published by the UK government on 8 June.

The letter can be used alongside evidence of employment such as:

• A Seafarers Identification Document (SID)
• Joining papers
• Seafarers Employment Agreement (SEA)
• Seafarers discharge book
• Basic training certificate
• Declaration from the registered owners of a vessel confirming the individual as a crew member

The letter was created following feedback from members arriving in the UK that Border Force had requested mandatory quarantine.

In March the UK designated seafarers as key workers and granted exemptions from travel restrictions so they can join and leave their ships and return home without impediment, while complying with infection control.

• download the guidance letter from the Resources Covid-19 section



How do I write a good CV for a job in the superyacht industry?

Contrary to what you might read on some ‘social media’ sites, you do not need to pay €100 or more to produce a ‘fancy’ CV.

As a recruiter we are not really bothered about how pretty the CV is, we are more interested in the fact that it contains the correct information.

To enable us to make an informed decision, it needs to be structure and presented logically and CLEARLY.

Your CV does not need to be a work of art – just ‘Keep-It-Simple…’ and don’t forget the nice presentable photo.

*Remember – we might also look on various social media channels to see who you really are…

To help you we have provided an example of a CV layout that we would like to receive.

You can down load it by clicking on the image opposite.