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Q: Is it possible to start a career in the yacht industry as an officer, when job applications says you need at least two years experience?

I have OOW unlimited and have 4-5 years experience as a 1/2 officer on a offshore vessel and I am DP unlimited officer.

A: This situation is not unlike many people from the commercial sector that are looking to break into yachting and find it tougher than expected. The realism is that yachting is a different business in that it is much more of a customer service oriented role. On the larger yachts where you need the commercial ticket you will be able to go directly into an OOW / 2/3 rd officer role as they tend to be run more along the commercial structure including rotation and more defined role definition. Generally 90m + .

When you go smaller you will find your knowledge gap will widen as the roles involve more diversity and you will not only be expected to run a watch and ISM but often tender runs, water sports, paint and deck maintenance, crew welfare, client relations etc so is a big step when new.

Going in as new deck crew can be a very interesting way to learn. You will be welcomed as you will have that ticket meaning you can run a watch as well which is very useful and can often satisfy manning requirements. However although ( more fun in my opinion!) it comes with a significantly lower salary and often will not have any form of rotation.

Hopefully this helps !