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Emmanuelle Barea

Overcoming Anxiety with women in Yachting

Do you experience anxiety working on yachts or sailboats?

Listen to our Q&A with Sailing & Mindset Coach 4 women – Emmanuelle Barea about her experience as a captain, learn how to overcome anxiety with her tips and insightful advice!

Do you know a woman feeling anxious about sailing?
Are you a woman who sails feeling anxious onboard?

While sailing is opening up to women, the problem remains that sailing has always been taught to men by men, therefore, not adapted to women’s specific needs.

A 2019 study shows that most females quit sailing in their twenties. Discrimination, false beliefs about physical strength, being yelled at, judged, undervalued, laughed at, confined to food prep and cleaning jobs, and/or harassed to name a few, are big deterrents.

As a result, women often miss out on what sailing has to offer as in personal growth, leadership, confidence, achievement which do come with challenges, but also with fun and feeling safe!

Click on the videos links below to hear Emmanuelle and Rachel Fisher discuss the subject of women overcoming anxiety in yachting: