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An Engineer is to maintain the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht. A Chief Engineer is in charge of the whole engineering department and is responsible for its safe and efficient operation. He/she reports directly to the Captain. There are many different ranks of engineers starting from deckhand/engineer, 3rd engineer, 2nd engineer, ETO and chief engineers

Required Skills and Experience

Engineer/ Chief Engineer:

  • An Engineer must have previous experience of working on board yachts, either as an Assistant Engineer or as a Deckhand. Alternatively, they may have experience of working in other marine engineering or engineering sectors (e.g. commercial yachting)
  • Skills and experience relevant to systems on board (e.g. marine engines (inboard and outboard), generators, air conditioning, water makers, electric and electronic systems, etc) will be advantageous
  • Must be technically minded, hardworking, and keen to learn and progress
  • Previous experience with ISM/ ISPS systems, surveys and audits is a bonus
  • Have the ability to manage and supervise engine repairs and general upkeep in the engine room
  • Able to train and manage subordinates
  • Should have a good knowledge of outsourcing contractors and shore-based repairs when necessary

Required Certification: (depending on the size of the vessel and the kilowatts of the vessel, different tickets will be required)

  • RYA Diesel Engine Course
  • MCA Approved Engine Course (AEC I & AEC II) Certificate
  • MCA Engine Watch Rating Certificate
  • MCA Marine Engine Operator License (Y) – MEOL
  • Y4 Chief Engineer (<200gt<1500kW)/ Second Engineer/ EOOW (SV) (<3000gt<9000kW)
  • Y3 Chief Engineer (500gt <30000kW)/ Chief Engineer (SV) (<500ft 3000kW)
  • Y2 Chief Engineer (<3000gt <3000kW)/ Chief Engineer (SV) (<3000gt <9000kW)
  • Y1 Chief Engineer (<3000ft <9000kW)/ Chief Engineer (SV) (<3000gt <9000kW)
  • Engineer Officer of the Watch (Unlimited)
  • 2nd Engineer (Unlimited)
  • Chief Engineer Unlimited/ Class 1

Bonus Skills
Must be able to transition well between engine room work and interacting with guests