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New post Brexit regulations for UK citizen seafarers beginning January 1st 2021

Schengen Agreement

BRITISH crew, please familiarise yourself with these new rules – and for those of you currently on a yacht within the Schengen:

“All UK citizens /Crew currently onboard a Yacht within the Schengen States are highly recommended to be stamped OUT of Schengen by customs so as not to cause any problems or issues when leaving the Schengen states and more importantly when returning. As you will be required to prove you are not over the 90 day period”.

We have been advised by local Customs offices that all British Crew will now be treated as NON EU/Schengen citizens and will be required to be stamped IN and OUT of the Schengen area when arriving and departing from the Schengen States.

UK citizens can travel within the Schengen States for a 90 day period within 180 days. This cannot be carried over or reset. At present there is no visa system in place, but this is set to change.

All crew embarking onto a Yacht within the Schengen States will be required to be stamped OUT of Schengen to allow a pause of the 90 day period and stamped back IN to the Schengen state prior to debarkation of the vessel.

All UK passports will be required to have a minimum of 6 months validity for travel outside of the UK.


If you are a crew member looking to get back to your yacht outside of the UK, or simply travelling to the EU to find a position onboard a yacht,
please contact JMS Careers if you have any concerns about visas or travel arrangements