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  • No restrictions for yacht movement between Italian port or from other countries for shipyard’s purpose, re-positioning and refit
  • Restriction depending on its colour classification (white, yellow, orange, red)
  • Sardinia is open being the only white zone in Italy
  • Crew or Surveyor coming from a Schengen area are not obliged to quarantine, is only required a PRC test within 48 hours before enter in Italy
  • A maritime declaration of health is required for Yacht coming from any Schengen are and other Countries



  • A yacht can enter Greece with only crew on board, if she is not coming from countries with entry restrictions, subject to entry permission from the relevant port authority
  • The yacht may either clear into ports and marinas of the mainland and Rhodes, Heraklion, and Corfu; or shipyards of the mainland, with the relevant necessary documentation from the shipyard. As soon as the works at the shipyard are completed, the yacht may clear out to port or a marina of the mainland, Rhodes, Heraklion, or Corfu
  • Crew onboard a yacht entering Greece must self-quarantine onboard for 7 days and have a negative PCR test to disembark thereafter. Crew must also be in possession of a negative PCR covid test performed no more than 72 hours in advance to their arrival
  • Crew or Surveyor coming from a Schengen area are not obliged to quarantine, is only required a PRC test within 48 hours before enter in Italy.
  • Borders remain closed for those coming from Albania and Turkey
  • For tourism: 7 days self-quarantine period+ PLP form before travel+ CPR test within 72h before arrival. Visitors coming from the UK need to do another test after the 7 day quarantine. The Greek Minister of Tourism recently confirmed that the country aims to open tourism by 14 May with specific rules and updated protocols



  • No official lockdown or curfew
  • No yacht restrictions
  • Yachts are free to enter Malta subject to the applicable safety measures
  • Entry/PCR test/swabbing/ quarantine requirements depend on where the yacht and crew/guests on board are coming from
  • Safety measures are divided according to country of origin which are categorised in green, amber and red lists. The same applies to crew/guests flying into Malta



  • Open to all yachts including cruise ships
  • Crew coming from EU countries can come in without a PCR test
  • Crew coming from non EU/third countries must have a negative PCR test
  • Visitors (including surveyors, owners, charterers) if coming from green countries can travel freely. -Visitors (including surveyors, owners, charterers) if coming from red countries: a PCR test is required. Alternatively, individuals can do it in Croatia at their own expense and self isolate until the result
  • Crew & Visitors coming from the UK, South Africa, Brazil, Tirol in Austria, and Zanzibar in Tanzania must have a PCR test and are subject to a 14 day self quarantine. This may be reduced with a negative PCR test on the 7th day if they take the test at their own expense



  • No yacht restriction
  • Require a declaration of health and PCR Test
  • Possibility of charter starting from Melilla with an optimisation of tasks. When the yacht departs from Melilla, the IPSI tax rate(only indirect tax applicable, not beingVAT applicable at all) is 0,5%. Authorities have agreed to cancel the use and enjoyment rule when entering Spanish mainland when coming from Melilla, Ceuta and the Canary Islands so that VAT is not applicable base on the time spent in Spanish VAT territory



  • Maritime borders are still open
  • A maritime declaration of health is required within 48 hours prior to arrival + declaration of any suspected or confirmed cases
  • If the yacht comes from a non-Schengen area, a PCR test is required